Local Fishing Reports


Fishing Reports

September 2nd


5 pound weakfish weighed in at a local Club caught "on the other side"  and a 3.5 pound seabass and two  3.5 range Weakfish were weighed in also from "up east",  bluefish in the 6-8 pound range are everywhere, Porgy fishing is still hot,  a Cortney's bait and tackle customer weighed in a 2.6  porgy  and a local fishing legend weighed in an  almost 3 pound Porgy from middleground and a 7 + pound fluke taken from an undisclosed spot,  near Falkners Island off Gilford I've heard of making a move but....geezz.     Small seabass are covering some bottom areas ,  best strategy is just plain move, they are so agressive nothing else seems to be able to get to the bait . We'll have  revenge when they grow to legal size.  Local fluke reports are none and some smaller fish just shy of 17 inches at sunken island and bouy 18 and 20 areas and also  middle ground, one big change is the  fish are reported as thin my personal experience  about  a month ago is that they were fat, I don't know what that means.   but they are due here and judging from the report and weigh in of that 7 pounder big fish maybe passing through soon.   Striped bass are still in the area most are perfect size for  some nice filets and a 28 pounder was taken under the bunker in Bridgeport Harbor live lining.   Cortneys Bait and Tackle has  the jumbo japanese mackerel, flash frozen bunker and butterfish order up your flats now for the  coming weeks tournaments.. You can sign up for Stratford Boat Owners Memorial Tournament  at Cortney's the enteries will be picked up Thursday so sign up before then.  BTW they have a picnic after the weigh-in included with the entry fee so everyone is a winner.


August 26


Unofficial local contest winners.

The Congratulations to locals Danny Bocchino 15th  and Paul Ziobo - Port Prize.   Both fishermen didn't give up and caught their winning fish during the last few hours of the contest with a common sense change of tactics, they  have  been on the winners list consistantly in the past.   Congratulations also to Dylan Grant 17th, Jeffery O'hara 18th  and Vicenzo Poskiewizz who won the Stratford Bait and Tackle Port Prize


     "sitting in deep water with a chunk of bait  waiting for a fish to swim by doesn't cut it"  that is a quote.


   The bluefish were following their "here today, gone tomorrow" pattern.   Most fish with the exception of the top five were in the 13.8 to 14.5 range and were picked up randomly everywhere, it was definitely a numbers game if you were chunking.   

  Not everyone was in the contest and fishing for bluefish.  Porgys were still biting at Middle Ground  dispite the huge fleet of boats.  Porgy fishing  if it can possibly get any better than it has already this year should pick up in the next few weeks.  There are  reports of blackfish being caught along the New Haven breakwater.   Striped bass are out there  every day, key word there is day.  10-18 pound fish are hitting  in the mornings at first light in Bridgeport Harbor area, Black Rock Harbor area  and anywhere within 1/2 mile of  the mouth of the Housatonic and Milford Harbor.   Cortney's Bait and Tackle has  large  Mackerel and quick frozen bunker these quality baits hold together  on the hook.    Just a reminder - In deeper water have your bait  on the bottom, draw your leader right up to the sinker slide after you  drop your line, then let out a few feet.

   Cortney's Bait and Tackle has plenty of bait for anyone who needs some.   With the absence of sandworms,  clams  are king as far as porgy go, clams are still out fishing squid,   squid is outfishing  clams for seabass and weakfish,  for the cost I'd bring both.   Fluke and some weakfish are here and being weighed in for  local club contests,  you could pick them up at "20" or Sunken Island / Fairfield beachor any of your local spots drifting or anchored and jigging.

 If you are chunking  bass or blues and anchored try drop a jig tipped with squid, or a porgy rig over and keep yourself busy.   

    Bunker schools are showing in the very early am,  instead of snagging a livewell full and leaving, before you go rehook one and liveline it where you  caught it, this is the time of year when the BIG fish start staying with their prey.






August 23

People are pretty quiet, no one wants to talk about their favorite Bluefish spot.   No reports from the Housatonic or deeper water.    Bunker are in Black Rock Harbor and  Bridgeport Harbor.   Cortneys Bait  and Tackle has the large  Mackerel and flats of quality  bunker, we'll be open during the tournament hours so if you need bait we're there.   If you are going to snag bunker get up early, first light they go to the bottom, if you see   a single splash cast at it and let your snagger drop deep that seems to be the best tactic.  I'd bring some bait with me  the more people in the harbors looking for bait, the less likely you are to get a few.   Porgy are still around Middle Ground, Sunken Island and especially the rocky bottoms around Charles Island and the harbor.   people are drifting with clams and squid to find the fish then anchoring up and chumming.   Nice size Fluke 18-20" are around structure and drop offs, hitting  jigs rigged with a squid strip, keep moving around if and   when you find them they hit instantly.     Cortneys Bait has large quality squid packed two per pack  ( 9 - 11 inches)   There are Striped Bass 10-12 pounds  around the mouth of the Housatonic picking up mackerel  and bunker chunks, change out your bait if you're not getting bites don't waste your time  nursing a washed out bait.   We have plenty of bait after  10-15 minutes change it out..

August 20

Porgys biting around Middle Ground Light and Penfield StripedBass around Bouy 18 are up to 22 pounds not many blues.  Cortneys Bait and Tackle has  Flash frozen bunker, flats of high quality bunker and large mackerel and butterfish are here if you run low on bait we will be open all weekend.

August 18

Blues up to 13.5 pounds in the area of Charles Island along with striped bass,  porgy are biting at middle ground and Penfield Reef to 2.25 pounds clams are out fishing squid strips Cortneys bait and tackle has 2pound packs of clams for 12 dollars and 9-11 inch squid 2perpack 

August 15

  Picked up Bait at Cortneys Bait and Tackle @ 4.45 when it opened and was out on the water at 5:15   Loads of bluefish  between 8-10 pounds and Striped bass about the same size ,  in 45 foot of water off Charles Island,  Day break ,dead high and the bite was on, the fish were taking Cortney's Bait and Tackle's  frozen bunker and jumbo Mackerel chunks.   There are definitely bigger fish in the mix as far as the stripers go, best idea is to get out there early and often, before they disappear.  The bite lasted about an hour and a half,   then slowed down, during that time we went through 4 mackerel and 6 bunker.  I should have brought more bait  it would have picked up again when the tide started to run.

August  11th

Bluefish up to 12.5 pounds and Striped Bass up to 18 pounds in the Housatonic river area in water from 45- 65 feet deep. Fresh caught (snagged) bunker seems to work best followed by mackerel and Quick Frozen Bunker purchased at Cortney's Bait and Tackle.  Loads of porgy and Black Sea Bass are on all the usual  reefs and mussel beds.  Porgys are averaging between 1.25 and 2 pounds and there are many short Black Sea bass and some  2+ pound keepers in the mix showing up more and more,  frozen clams are out fishing squid  for the porgys  and Black Sea Bass in this size range.  For a successful trip you need at least a 2 pound bag of whole clams, plus a pack of large frozen squid 9-11 inches.  To attract the fish you need  to Chum.... Chum... Chum... Cortneys bait has quart Clam chum for the chum pots  and Chummits ( chum bag included) half gallon size for those that don't need the mess. 


Little glitch in the interclub fishing reports in a local paper.  Dave Jubenville fishing on the Water Buffalo a member of Miamogue Yacht Club caught the largest bluefish which weighed in at 14.22 pounds. 

August 4th

Big Bluefish are being caught off Stratford's Housatonic River in 60-80 feet of water on bunker.  It was a morning bite that went spotty as the morning progressed, people that kept fishing were rewarded with  fish up to 14 pounds most fish were in the 9-11 pound range.   Porgy  from 1 to 2 pounds are biting east of the Middle Ground Light on clams and squid.  Drifting seems to work the best with the Drop Back technique a tip from a local sharpie (let them take it) the faster running the tide the better. Tiny  Black Seabass are everywhere there are even some keepers in the mix rumor has it that deep water and  live eels are the ticket to the 4 pounders the local board leaders have been weighing in.  Porgy fishing in all the usual spots, Sunken Island Charles Island and Penfield  Reef are showing bigger fish caught in the last few days,  should be some big fish caught this week and weekend.  Cortney will have quality clams in 10oz. and 2 pound bags.  Get the two pound bags you'll save money and have enough bait.  If you are Blue or Striper fishing buy the quick frozen bunkers this bait is frozen immediately after being caught and holds together as good as your purchased fresh I believe it holds together better.  Nothing is  better than finding a school of bunker and fishing with live bait for the bigger fish.